Smith Seed Services Chooses Lamar, Missouri For New Seed Coating Plant

Smith Seed Services Chooses Lamar, Missouri For New Seed Coating Plant

LAMAR, Mo.—The Missouri Department of Economic Development announced today that Smith Seed Services has selected Lamar, Missouri, as the location of its new Midwest seed coating plant.

“We are thrilled to welcome Smith Seed Services to Lamar, Missouri,” Governor Mike Parson said. “This company chose our state because of the great community in Lamar, the strong agricultural industry in Missouri, and our central location which allows them to reach key customers in the Midwest. We look forward to supporting their continued growth for many years to come.”

Smith Seed Services has been headquartered in Halsey, Oregon since the mid-1950s, and is an industry leader with a solid reputation for superior quality and service. This new facility is expected to create 38 new jobs in the region.

“Our motto is: Service is our last name, but our first priority, and we are excited for this opportunity to offer better service to our customers with a Missouri seed coating facility,” Galen Troyer, General Manager of Smith Seed Services, said. “We look forward to a long and successful relationship with our Midwest customers, the City of Lamar and the state of Missouri.”

“Missouri is the global leader in Ag Tech, and it is great to see that ecosystem gain another strong leader in the industry,” Steve Johnson, CEO of Missouri Partnership, said. “Economic development in Missouri is a team sport, and these new jobs would not have happened without the involvement of the Barton County Chamber of Commerce, the City of Lamar, the Missouri Department of Economic Development, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and of course the great team at Smith Seed Services.”

“We are excited to welcome Smith Seed Services to Lamar and Barton County as they are a true fit to our agriculturally based community,” Astra Ferris, CEO of the Barton County Chamber of Commerce said.

“The Lamar Community is pleased that Smith Seed Services has decided to partner with us,” Mayor Kent Harris, City of Lamar, said. “We are looking forward to a great business relationship to support their success.”

Smith Seed Services expects to break ground on the new facility in August 2018, with hiring beginning in late 2018 and operations commencing in mid-2019.

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