Montana FWP Bans Fires At It’s Yellowstone County Sites

Montana FWP Bans Fires At It's Yellowstone County Sites

BILLINGS – Campfires will be banned at all Fish, Wildlife and Parks fishing access sites and wildlife management areas in Yellowstone County starting Aug. 10, 2018, because of fire danger.

FWP followed the lead of Yellowstone County commissions who announced Tuesday that they would enter Stage I fire restrictions countywide.

FWP properties affected include the Buffalo Mirage, Duck Creek, South Hills, East Bridge, Voyagers Rest, Gritty Stone, Captain Clark, Manuel Lisa and Broadview Pond fishing access sites as well as the Yellowstone River Wildlife Management Area northwest of Pompeys Pillar, where fires are banned year-around.

FWP will continue to allow open fires at Pictograph Cave State Park southeast of Billings and Lake Elmo State Park in Billings Heights, which is exempted because it is within the city limits.

Stage 1 restrictions ban campfires except where specifically exempted, and allow smoking only in vehicles and areas three feet in diameter that are cleared of flammable materials. FWP has no exemptions for campfires or charcoal grills in fishing access sites and wildlife management areas in south central Montana. People still may cook on an LP gas or propane stove that can be turned on and off.

The restrictions are in response to dry, warm weather that could increase the danger of human-caused wildfires. They will be in effect until further notice.

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