Article Submissions:

Articles should be clearly written and formatted.

No Swearing

No politics unless it is DIRECTLY related to a piece of outdoors legislation and also the main focus of your article.

Any hard science claims or rebukes must include data to back up your claim.  A strong, or wishful feeling is not irrefutable proof.

Honesty and rock solid data are the only cost to play.

Any article that cites Wikipedia in any way as proof of point will be rejected regardless of quality.

You must be the registered owner of any YouTube content you submit as a part of your story.

We will blur out the names of unverified Twitter members in posts for privacy purposes unless you can make a very good argument for it submitted at the same time as your article.

Articles should be at least 300 words.  For reference, my About page is exactly 300 words.

We cannot accept articles about real estate for sale unless you are a licensed agent and the property is of significant importance to the sporting community.  Ex. Famous gun club or hunting ranch.  We view that as more of a news item than an ad.  That’s not saying we would turn down a bottle of whiskey if you felt so inclined provided it sells.

We may accept articles in a few different ways.


Become a Site Contributor:

Must be a registered user with a verifiable public email.

This method provides the ability to format your article to your liking.  Within reason of course.  Anyone who has posted to a blog would be familiar with our interface.

Site contributors must have an established web presence related to the content submitted.

Articles are held for editorial approval before publishing as a safeguard to our established Publishing Policy.


Site Author:

We currently do not offer that role.  We will review what such a role in our website would entail at a later date.  It would very likely be reserved for credentialed outdoor oriented professionals.


Product Submission:

We are happy to review your outdoor product.

Our team of experienced outdoorsmen have a combined sporting experience of over 300 years.

There is no amount of money you could pay us to do a shill review.

We will review your product fairly regardless of brand.

If your product is everything you claim we will say so.  If your product falls short, we will back it up with photographic proof of how and what failed.

We promise to provide you with detailed CONSTRUCTIVE criticism when we ship it back to you.  A review will be published regardless of success of failure of your product.

We also promise to fairly review the next version with an endorsement if the product has legitimately improved.

Due to obvious security issues related to firearms testing, we require all firearms be shipped through our preferred licensed firearms dealer.  THIS IS A ZERO NEGOTIATION ITEM

Due to the above mentioned security concerns, all product submissions must contact us for a secure mailing address.

You CAN send us promotional swag by the case load.

We will gleefully give it away in a manner of your choosing within reason.

Our policy, unless requested is to make up a few combined swag bags and reward local sportsman who are caught doing good deeds.

We also may give away items as a reward for a contest.

Our contests tend to run along a theme.

We reward people who help those who can’t always help themselves.

An example would be giving a reward to someone who donates their excess catch to those less fortunate.  Or possibly a guide who takes the disabled out to enjoy the sporting experience.

These acts carry great weight in our awarding decisions.

Genuinely nice people tend to finish at the front of the pack.

We don’t fix the contests.

Our contests just naturally weed out people who don’t play nicely with others.

Perhaps it’s because to win one of our contests, you have to do some sort of truly benevolent act in the sporting community.

It’s a sneaky way to gradually make the world a better place but I’m good with my creator on that one.



We do a few dedicated ad spaces on our site.

Our policy is to trade for a product.  Contact us for details.

We really don’t have a call for paid articles, but if such a thing were to be requested, it would be disclosed.

We do use banners, and some product links.

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