The Rogue Outdoorsman stands, often amused, somewhere between extreme hunting and unrealistic woodland utopia.  All too often marketing firms pigeon hole outdoorsman into one activity exclusively.  This may be good for developing a dedicated buying demographic, but it blinds the outdoorsman to the needs of every other sporting activity but theirs.  By expanding the breadth of outdoors interests, the outdoorsman can better advocate for rational access to public lands for every American sportsman.  There are 318 million owners of our public lands and they all have a right to be heard  without regard to the sentiments of it’s stewards.

The Rogue Outdoorsman

We don’t believe in sensationalism here.

We call it as we see it and back it up with fact.  Argumentum ad absurdum is such a tired cliché it was called out for what is was 3000 years ago.  It’s cheap, and those who use it are as cheap as their cliché antics.

     We believe in sound, reasoned coverage of outdoor news.

     We believe EVERY American citizen has a birthright of access to publicly owned lands.

     We believe that NO single group has ANY right to dictate what is or isn’t appropriate use of public lands.

     We believe that knowing the laws governing your sport better than it’s enforcers is the surest way to ensure it’s protection.

     We believe that ALL who make their living from the bounty of public lands owe a proportional debt of advocacy and education in their field.


Our guiding principles may not always be easy to live by.  It takes the same level of effort and courage to advocate for your sport as it does to practice it.  Being educated about the laws and issues facing your sport isn’t a weakness.  It is an asset of the highest value that makes you a leader when others search for leadership.




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